Diet Conference: “The psychology of nutrition”

Friday 16/6/2023,Tripoli

A seminar on the psychology of nutrition.

Did you know that our psychology affects our eating habits?

How much has the pandemic changed our diet?

What are eating disorders and what are their differences?

What is the right prevention?

If you also want to answer all these questions, you can attend the seminar on "The psychology of nutrition" organized by Growth Hub.

➡Friday 16/6/2023

➡Time: 18:00-21:00

👉Señor, 7 Neomartyros Dimitriou, Tripoli


The program of the conference:

18.00- 18.30 Food in our lives

18.30-19.00 The changes brought about by the pandemic in eating habits

19.00-19.20 Introduction to eating disorders

19.20-19.45 Break

19.45- 20.30 Eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, atypical eating disorders and special conditions

20.30-21.00 Prevention techniques and experiential discussion about food

Speaker: Stella Karatzoglou, Psychologist Psychotherapist, Clinical Neuropsychologist

☑ The workshop is provided FREE of charge and is the last activity of the "Getting to know eating disorders and self-perception" program.

It is carried out with the funding of the European Solidarity Corps and the support of INEVIDIM.

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