Film Workshop

9-11 June 2023

The Municipality of Tripoli organizes a three-day film workshop entitled "Filming

of oral narratives from people of the Arcadian countryside", in the context of the European

program “PRO.GRE.S.S.”

In more detail the European project PRO.GRE.S.S. (Active green communities and storytellers for the

preservation of natural capital) is an initiative of a transnational network of communities

of people living in rural areas of four Mediterranean countries (Italy, France, Spain,

Hellas). The approach of PRO.GRE.S.S. starts from the Environment as a whole (Natural Capital)

and from Ecosystem Services.

Through this three-day workshop, new people and residents of Tripoli will be trained in

way of filming oral testimonies and will thus be able to record adequately

what will be told on camera by inhabitants of the Arcadian countryside: touching testimonies

issues of preservation and preservation of the natural heritage, enhancement of the natural and cultural

goods, conservation of biodiversity, ecological functioning of forest areas and its enhancement

function of connecting the landscapes.

Participants will develop new skills, get to know methodological tools useful in

research, educational or even in their artistic activities, they will "see" and will

"listen" in a new way to the stories of the rural people and thus will increase the

degree of their participation in the European debate on the environment and climate change.

At the same time, they will get to know practices, which they will then be able to implement as well

themselves in their own professional and social spheres of action.

It is an exciting journey into the realm of oral history, an opening to the world

of the Anthropocentric Documentary, the most up-and-coming genre of cinema, which gives the floor

to ordinary, everyday people. Through their own experiential narratives they are made

movies with truth, emotion and humor, that move, entertain, educate while

at the same time they trace modern everyday life, tradition, nature, History, the

financial life.

Workshop dates:

Friday 9, Saturday 10, and Sunday 11 June 2023

Coordinator - Presenter of the workshop: Vassilis Loules, director. The lab will leverage

the experience of the award-winning director Vassilis Loule not only from teaching in the previous ones

Film Workshops in Greece and abroad, but also the one she acquired

touring 32 well-known Universities in the USA and Canada showing his films and

chatting with the viewers.

Declarations of participation:

Those interested can register for the workshop at the link here:  . After completing the form, an informative email will be sent

with exact details about the workshop. Participation in the workshop is not required

professional experience in the field of cinema or photography. Participation in

workshop is free. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance

all 3 days.

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