Marrakesh! One word, a thousand memories!

“A Journey Towards Self-Discovery” - Youth Exchange in Morocco, July 2022

A few days ago, young people from the Growth Hub team took part in the youth exchange "A Journey Towards Self-Discovery" that took place in Morocco! Below they share their experiences with us!

"Marrakech! One word, a thousand memories! Second time I participated in an Erasmus + youth exchange and it couldn't have been better! In 10 days I discovered many different aspects of myself through the activities of the project and the people I interacted with. The most important for me in these programs are the friendships you make with people from different countries and cultures. That's why I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to participate and share experiences with wonderful people! I'm looking forward to being part of Erasmus + again program to create new memories and enrich my knowledge on many interesting topics!" - Joanna I.

"I didn't expect that I would be able to participate in an Erasmus+ program even though I'm no longer a student.. and yet I can. My first experience in a youth exchange program in Morocco was a fact and 100% worth it. I'm already preparing for the next one!" - Dora L.

"My experience in the program was definitely something completely different from what I am used to and expected. I met people from countries that I never expected to have the opportunity to do. The activities we did were very nice and if I had the opportunity to repeat them I would definitely I did. Morocco is a country that if it wasn't for the Erasmus+ program I would hardly have traveled to. Although the program made it warmer days or night life in Marrakesh is something you have to see with your own eyes. Thank you very much to the Erasmus+ program that gave me this opportunity and I recommend everyone to take part and don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone because it's really worth it!" - Mateo K.

"Participating in an Erasmus+ youth exchange program is a unique experience that every young person should live. Each program is unique and the experiences you gain and the relationships you develop are each time special. Through the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange program with the theme A Journey Towards Self-Recovery held in Marrakesh, Morocco, I was given the opportunity to discover aspects of myself that I did not know, I realized that it is easier to get out of the safety zone that I had set for myself but also to realize that the limits that I have questions about my abilities in different areas that can be overcome in order to unlock a better version of myself. it was very enlightening in breaking the preconceived notions that I myself had formed about myself.The main role in this was the presentations we did, the group work and all the activities in general in a safe environment with people who accept you without judgment and your they give the step and the space to be your true self. The fact that all of the above was achieved while at the same time meeting fascinating people from 4 different countries, being able to learn about their cultures, their languages and experiencing everyday life in a fascinating country like Morocco defined the whole experience as one of the best that I have experienced so far. For all the above reasons, every young person who is given the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus+ program must pursue it and create experiences and memories that will follow him throughout his life." - Xenia A.

"Each program is a unique experience! Our trip to Marrakesh was a journey full of colors, aromas and tastes! An opportunity to meet people from Morocco, Tunisia, Spain and Italy, create lifelong friendships and share knowledge us. With the central theme of self-discovery, through the workshops and activities that took place, we reviewed ourselves, reflected on our path in life and set our future goals! These types of trips offer you more than important knowledge through non-formal and experiential learning, the opportunity to see another country, taste traditional foods and talk to the locals." - Ioanna R.

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