Psychological Very First Aid

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A topic necessary to be able to cope with the fast pace of everyday life. How can we reduce our daily stress? With which techniques will we be able to listen to the needs of the other and with which will we achieve mental empowerment and resilience?

The program is for young people aged 18-30 who wish to contribute to the people around them by alleviating the pain they may face due to the conditions they face.

The aim of the specific program is for the participants to listen to each other's needs, support and communicate effectively in times of crisis.Even after completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • To listen empathetically to their interlocutor
  • To differentiate the other's choices based on their own profit
  • Prioritize psychological behaviors and reactions in times of crisis
  • To choose the appropriate behavior towards the "victim"
  • To alleviate the other person's discomfort or acute stress
  • Recognize when the person needs further facilitation
  • To direct and find cooperative solutions to personal problems
  • To practice self-care techniques
  • To accept the experience without criticism and to relieve

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