The digital age in the countryside - Final -

The "Approaching Digital Era to the Province" program was successfully completed!

And we couldn't be happier about it! The purpose was to guide and enliven the youth of the province, in a period of time when movement, contact with people and the exchange of ideas has been limited. To give them the foundations and the "push" to be active, to see the positive side, to feel that there is help, support and hope!

We noticed that many young people who lived or studied in other areas returned to their place of permanent residence this year, changing their plans. What we wanted to achieve through this project is to highlight decentralization and the benefits created through this condition in a wider context. To overturn the stigma and stereotypes about life in the countryside and highlight a more sustainable model of life and work.

We believe in the importance of developing digital skills as a necessary and necessary resource for young people, especially in the era we live in, therefore we have offered them resources important for their professional careers, which will develop them and help them for a better standard of living, but without forced to leave far from their family and of course without spending money that they probably cannot afford to leave, but opening the roads with the already existing tools, such as a computer and Internet connection.

During the implementation of the actions, we held a seminar to inform young people about the Erasmus Plus programs, how they can participate in them, detailed instructions on what they offer, what they will win and how they will take part in them.

In addition, they were informed about the professional opportunities they have after university, about the online seminars they can take to acquire the necessary tools - hard skills to be competitive in the workplace, as they are what they need to develop and for the market work in the future.

We conducted an activity on how to make a resume that stands out, how to create step by step their Linkedin Profile which is an important element for their online presence, useful tips to make it correct, to stand out and how to be attractive to their future employers .

We held a talk with tech recruiters to inform young people about what the job market is really asking for in the field of technology and information technology, to learn about the work environment, its needs and requirements and have the opportunity to ask their questions and to learn even more.

We also had a conversation with a digital nomad living in a non-urban area of the world who by using the internet has managed to work through it so they can see and chat with such a person and ask them as many questions as they want.

Thank you so much to all of you who joined us in this unique experience!

Stay tuned for new actions!

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