The Erasmus+ experience of the Greek mission in Turkey

The youth exchange entitled "Social Integration of the Disabled" was successfully completed.

Below the participants share their impressions with us!

"From 21.05-31.05.2022 I took part in the youth exchange program in Antioch on the topic of "social integration of people with disabilities". I was particularly interested in the program as it is directly related to my studies (special education). During the program we had the opportunity through the presentations of the participants to learn about the life of people with special needs in 6 completely different countries (Turkey, Greece, Lithuania, Morocco, Georgia, Bulgaria). These presentations were very interesting as we were able to recognize many similarities as well as different ones and then reflect on what works in which country and what needs to be done. In the following days of the program we were given the opportunity to see the Turkish system with our own eyes, as we visited rehabilitation centers, schools and creative employment centers. We even met amea, children and young people with whom we were lucky enough to spend several hours playing basketball, volleyball and doing art. It was a wonderful experience for all of us! The rest of the days we used the time traveling to other cities in the region, we visited archaeological sites and museums, where we learned a lot about the rich history of Antioch. Each night we dined at a different restaurant, where we broadened our taste horizons and explored Turkish cuisine. We noticed that there are many similarities in its basis with Greek, but each country has its own way of expression. On the last day we were lucky enough to take a full day boat trip to the border with Syria, where we saw breathtaking scenery and dived into a new corner of the Mediterranean that we had never seen before! We met wonderful people, that although at the beginning we had difficulties and obstacles due to the language, in the end we found creative ways of communication and in the end I can happily say that I have friends for the rest of my life in 6 new countries, which without this program I would never have a chance to fight back!” - Natalie

"It was definitely a unique experience that I would like to repeat. Through a multitude of activities, we managed not only to learn about the special characteristics of people with special needs, but also about the actions of each country in order to cover them. However, at the end of the program that is not all that remains. We met people from many different countries and got in touch even a little bit with their culture and culture and I think that was the most important thing in the end. The interaction and friendships created during the program made us understand that in the end we are not as different as we think, but even if we have different characteristics we should appreciate and respect them no matter what they are.” - Irene

"The trip to Antioch was an amazing experience that we will surely remember. Through this program we made friends from all over the world and we all bonded like a family. I definitely recommend everyone to experience something similar. The experience is unique and cannot be compared to any other.” - Efthymis

"Choosing the Erasmus + program was one of the best choices I could have made. I met so many different people, cultures, religions, languages, landscapes and in general it was an unprecedented experience for me. Through this trip I gained knowledge, friends and of course a completely different way of thinking.” - Vana

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